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Girlfriend is a model..need some help?
I have been dating my girlfriend for about 7 months. Everything is good for the most part, we rarely fight and are open with each other.

However, on her myspace she puts up pictures of her in bikinis and other seductive poses that she models. I do not have myspace but have seen some of the photos. The only reason they bother me is because she is mine and I do not like other guys looking at her like wow she is this odd?

I know she is really into me and I trust her, but I still do not like seeing her myspace default with her in a bikini. Would I be overbearing to bring this subject up with her? I think she would believe I was snooping around and this is why I am hesitant to say anything.
WTF? :/ She's a MODEL! She NEEDS to show off her portfolio of work otherwise she'll never get any jobs. Are you serious? :/ She's not your property for goodness sake, she can do what she likes. Just because she posts these pictures doesn't mean she is, or will cheat. It's her portfolio and she can do what she likes with it. Confronting her about it and asking her to take the pics down will only get her angry, believe me.
Do you think Kathy Ireland is a hypocrite for flaunting bikinis for men to gawk at then saying she's religiou?
kathy Ireland says she became a strong Christian at age 18, then she still went off and flaunted bikinis or in half naked poses for swimsuit magazines and also played seductive roles in movies. Modeling and even acting aren't considered the most moral of professions, and she lends her name to designer clothing brands so retailers can charge more. Is she then a hypocrite, going on, saying how she's a strong Christian and everything? Why or why not?
The two things are not related. She would be completely naked in those photographs and still be strongly religious. There is nothing immoral, unethical or indecent about nudity. It is mixed up people like you who create a conflict where none exist and then say that you are driven by your religion. People like you are why I turned my back on religion years ago.
I know this is really stupid but its still really hard? HELP!!!!!?
I want to break up with my girlfriend because I feel the relationship is wrong. I am always thinking if this changed or that changed it will be different. It never is. Its been like that for years. Every time I am with her I am unhappy but then I leave her and I am unhappy without her and think things are going to be different if I see her. Then we try and make it work and it doesn't. Sadly and I know this is shallow I think one maor reason I dont want to leave her is because she is incredibly attractive and very seductive and sexual (was offered to be a bikini model). How do I get over this attraction thing and move on without thinking about how beautiful of a girl I am giving up and knowing all the guys that are going to be after her. This is torturing me! Anyone been in my shoes?
Only time will heal your emotional wound. In the meantime, let the love takes its course.
I have had sex with one woman. Help!?
Guys, I have been in a 3.5 year relationship with a girl. I am in my mid 20s and I have had sex with only her in my life. Hooked up with 3 or 4 other girls but no sex. My gf could be a bikini model (seriously, she has had offers) and is very seductive. I am having trouble ending the relationship I think because I am scared to lose the sex and not be able to find another girlfriend as attractive. Everything is pretty much screwed up in our relationship and I am not very happy. Very needy, lots of problems, past issues, physical problems, and kind of drains me. Its hard to leave her for some reason. Anyone else had a similar problem with the first girl they have been with. Do you just think that they are the greatest until you have been with multiple woman? I am a good looking sucessful guy so I will be able to find other woman. Any suggestions?
I am in a similar relationship now. She is needy, a workaholic, very beautiful, depressed all the time, personal issues drain me as well. But, I love her. I think the reason why you're having problems leaving is because you still have an emotional attachment with her. Just like mine, I feel kind of an obligation to her, not only as a lover, but as a friend. I haven't fooled around, but have many chances to do so. We're in the same boat. For you, don't worry about the sex when making the decision to break it off with her. Do you have sex with her because of just the sex or because you love her? Do you make love to her? If it's just sex without love, you need to end it ASAP, if she's no longer compatible to you. I would say just be honest and tell her how you are feeling. Tell her that you believe it would be best that you end the relationship and tell her why. Tell her you will both still be friends, but as far as having a serious relationship, tell her you're no longer compatible with her. I still love my girl & will try to work it out, but if you aren't able to do so, be honest, direct, and move on. Sex shouldn't be the only issue.
Who wants to sell their virginity?
Natalie Dylan, who recently received her bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies from Sacramento State, went on Howard Stern earlier this month to sell her virginity for a cool mil to pay off her tuition bills. Um, last time we checked, state schools weren’t that out of reach, but we can’t blame the girl for upping her ante. Since Dylan’s sister is one of the working girls at Nevada’s most infamous brothel, and subject of HBO show Cathouse, she worked out a deal with proprietor, Dennis Hof, and her hymen is up for bidding at But Natalie is picking who will pluck her and all interested parties must first pass her interview process. In addition to deep pockets, the gent must have chemistry with the young businesswoman. “We’ll take bids until I find a suitor I’m happy with,” Natalie concedes. [NY Daily News]

Raffella Fico, a beautiful bikini model and reality show star, won’t give up her v-card for less than fame and fortune. At 20, Raffella might still be a chaste Catholic, but she’s a total whore for cash and publicity. Despite her seductive men’s mag spreads and bunking up as a co-ed for a season of Italian Big Brother, she swears she’s never had a boyfriend. So after all these lonely years, Fico promises to drop her panties for 1 million Euros or $1.8 million dollars. Whew, the conversion rate makes this selection even steeper! But unlike her American counterpart, Raffella is more egalitarian about her offer. “If I don’t like him, I’ll just have a glass of wine and forget about it,” she promises. After all, Fico wants to learn how to fake it and intends to use the money for acting lessons and a home in Rome. [The Telegraph]

Graciella Yataco is the smart seductress who started it all. The 18-year-old Peruvian model was barely squeaking by in 2005. She was responsible for her mother’s medical bills and also had to support her younger brother. So she decided, in an unprecedented move, to sell her virginity to the highest bidder. While a Canadian man offered her $1.5 million, mostly what she got from her religious countrymen was a lot of hate mail and public humiliation. Despite her sob story, no one offered to simply make a charitable contribution. So, after the desperate debacle, Gracia was somehow still hopeful she could better her situation on her own and at the last minute, she backed out of the deal. [BBC]
that's really sad that she had to do that :(
i mean, the graciella yataco person.
your virginity is a beautiful gift, and shouldn't be degraded like that.
Bosses wife clearly has it in for me,is it my seductive looks?
Hello. I'm 21 just got work in a solicitors firm. I'm actually a model but 'm doing this a few days a week. A glamour model actually, well swimwear. Anyhow, I have 34F chest and last week i was at a swimming pool party and to my surprise my boss was there. I was in my bikini which was pretty skimpy coz i was working there showing off the swimwear and he was a guest. Part of the show was bouncing up and down on a large beach ball, it was just a game. He was glued to me bouncing up and down and after i was getting changed in the toilet his wife came after me and said she hopes i stay in one spot in the office and that i'm a bit more covered up and did i really think it was appropriate to be modelling swimwear and working in his office. Is she out of line? I must admit he did make a remark infront of her where he said to me that I hide my talents very well and that he might find extra work for me in the office, but thats ajoke right...I didnt expect them to be at this pool party. Whats the deal
You may be one of many he has hired with a 34-F chest. Funny, you mentioned this to us. First of all, when he made that inappropriate comment in front of his wife, you said absolutely nothing. Which gives the indication that you are game for whatever he has in mind. Remember perception is everything in a public setting. The "big deal" is that you seem quite self-absorbed, maybe even shallow. He was totally disrespectful of his wife; did either of you stop to even consider how this scene looked to his wife? How would you feel if this was your spouse or boyfriend doing this to you? Especially, the comments from him about "hiding your talents well...and might be able to find extra work for you in the office." I would have put his wife's mind at ease, immediately. Never give the bosses wife any reason to worry. I think his wife had every right to make that comment to you privately. You gave her cause for concern. I really can't see you having this job for long. He has to be getting a lot of pressure at home to fire you due to this recent situation. Your problem is narcissism.
Your opinions on Kim Kardashian's younger sister doing modelling....???
‎...Beauty isn't boasting about modelling, beauty isn't measured by looks...Your younger sister looks twice her age! It's amazing how much make up and all of the 'glamour' can really do to you, hey? She should be enjoying her teenage years for as long as she can! Posing in a very seductive way, with a small bikini on...Sorry, I can't call that beautiful. Her hair is fake, her skin looks orange, her smile is cheesy. All of the media are calling her beautiful, that's just stirring up sh*t for a disaster. Honestly, agreeing with another comment on this status, if she wasn't born into the fame, she wouldn't be categorized under 'gorgeous'...She acts ungrateful, and growing up to be like you...Well, hey, you've got a sex tape out aye? And Kourtney, the naked pictures she took when she was 16, great examples! Sorry about the ranting but it's my personal opinion.

That's what I wrote on Kardashian's facebook status thingo...
I don't think it's fair that all she had to do was tell her mom she wants be a model and now she's all of a sudden signed w/ Whilimena and other people have to work hard at becoming a model. Honestly,she doesn't have a model face,she looks like an average white girl(no racial) if it wasn't for her family name Whilimina wouldn't have even signed her. She has the weight and height going for her,but that's it. There's nothing unique about her looks.

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