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How do I seduce my friend into lesbian sex?
Ok, I'm bi and I plan on telling my friend when we have a sleepover, but I like her and I want to make her do stuff to me.
And games like truth or dare. I don't want to make it too obvious.

This might help..... When we were little we used to play this game in the pool "hot sexy lifeguard" and one would pretend to drown and one wound save her and give mouth to mouth. But it turned into more than that.... Like making out... And stuff.
A couple of nights ago I was sleeping over her house and I asked her if she remembered and she said yeah.
How should I do it????
lol! this is sooo funny! ALL of my friends are gay, im the only straight one, and theyre always trying to get me to do stuff lol. but i never give in cuz its not me. but if shes done it before, she'll do it again. honestly, i think you should just tell her. and when she starts asking questions, just explain it to her in a touchy-feely way. if she asks y your bi, just say cuz i cant get over how sexy girls are and how they feel, and just feel her up lol. no girl can resist her cl*t being played with no matter who it is lol. idk just make her feel comfortable, do it in the dark so shes not shy, and make subtle moves and see if she responds to it, if she looks like she doesnt mind, keep going. good luck!
My friend told me she's a lesbian and wants to swin with me in the pool at my house? (Part 2)?
We are both 16 and had a double-night sleepover at my house and last time while we were laying down, she lied ON me but said "Sorry my bad." And got off. She still snuggled with me, though. (I am a lesbian by the way)
After that she woke up it's about 12:00 in the morning and she woke me up and told me... "I really liked it when you did truth or dare. Wanna do it again?" I said sure, and we played.
Then she dared me to take off my top. So I did and she said, "I can't hide this fom you anymore... I'm a lesbian." I was happy because I like her a lot. After that she took off her shirt and her bra and same with me and we made out for a while. Once in a while she put her hands down my pants to my front but I have underwear on. We only touched like, each other's breasts for a while but I really want to TOUCH her. After we were dressed she said tommorrow I'll come over at 7:30 (In 30 minutes) and we can swin and have fun. After that she touched my front with my pants on and kissed me and left since it was about 7:00 AM by then. ;)
Tonight I want to have actual sex with her in the pool. How do I start it and tell her? Thanks for reading.
Maybe take some notes from what she does. Swim a bit, get into flirting, proceed to a snuggle/fondle. In my most humble/ignorant of opinion, I venture to type that it'll probably go down smoothly, no matter what you do, however don't like put on a flavor flav clock and start dancing around naked singing 50 ways to leave your lover by paul simon, keep it in some order.
I think my best friend is a lesbian...?
so i'm 15, and my friend is the same age.
like two years ago, we were in the locker room getting changed for gym and she asked me "what would you do if a girl asked you out?"
and i said "i would tell them that i have a boyfriend, and i'm deffinetely not a lesbian."
&& then she got kind of mad at me.
well just a few months ago me, her, and one of my other friends were sitting in the lunch room playing would you rather, haha. and she asked me "would you rather have lesbian sex with me for 2 hours...or jump into a pool of dead diseased people with your mouth opened and your toung out at all times."
and i said
"you have a sick mind. i don't think i would ever have sex with another girl. so...i guess the disesased people. but my toung is staying in!"

& just last night, when i was in the shower && she was sleeping over, she called my boyfriend telling him that i was not being pleased by guys anymore...and i was going to start dating chics.

and just today...i was wearing a pair of shorts (they weren't even that short..like you know those hoes that wear them and you can see their a$$$ cheeks. not that short)
and she told me that i had sexy theighs, and that she was jealous of my boyfriend.

she only recently started acting like this last month.
i know that if she wanted me to know that
she was a lesbian, she would've told me
but, do you think she is?
i would still be her friend if she was.
i'm not intollerant, and i have
nothing towards gays.
i was just wondering if you think
that it's a sign shes a lesbian.

I would just ask her. Just straight up ask, "I've been seeing changes for a while now, and I just wanted to go right out and ask, are you a lesbo? If you are i'm ok with it I have nothing aginst you, and i'll still be your friend." Because if you want to stay with this boy, and she's trying to ruin your relationship you have a right to know, and plus your her bestie. She does sound like she is a lesbo but i'd ask just to make sure, because you never know, sometimes girls play around like that, I know a lot of the girls at my school do, including me, but we never mean it seriously, we just say "No lesbo." "No homo." at the end of it so we know we're playing around. But really just ask her. I hope I helped and I hope everything with her works out ok(:
Did my ex-lesbian lover of two months sound like a manipulator/player?

1) She always went down on me -- which I didn't complain about *lol*, but was always reluctant to let me go down on her (she was not a butch, but what I would call a very soft butch...)

2) I have a couple of good friends (married lesbians, 43 and 50) that overheard her telling one of their friends at the pool hall a completely different story than what she told me, including her thrill that she had "deflowered" a lesbian virgin (I last had lesbian sex at age 16). One of those friends (the 50-year-old) is a psychotherapist and told me that my ex is a player; she has seen it for years and even experienced it herself ...

3) At one point on the phone, my ex called me a "schyster" and that I had a "vanity complex/ego problem" because I was bi and that I just wanted "my cake and to eat it, too." (not so; I thought I was in love with her)
Yes she is a manipulator... i recently exeprienced the same thing. Mine was 8 months long and the hardest thing i have ever had to deal with. Stay away from her... they know exactly what to do to git in your heart and make you fall for them and then end it and make you feel like it was your fault.
Am i lesbian???????????
ok like a couple of years ago i wuz at camp and my friends asked me to do it with them so i sayed ok just to see how it wuz and all then when i got home me and my other friends went into the pool and took of our clhlose and did it in the water and then again when we cam back inside we did it a couple of times and i kissed a girl when i wuz like 7 and did it then to with a girl. but idk if i am because i have a boyfriend but i always watch lesbian sex online its just interesting i mean i like haveing sex with girls cause u cant get pregnet its just fun and feels good.
omg i think you are or you could be bi
There was a film on Channel 5 years ago and I saw it one time on friday night?
The film was about these two twins who look alike, one was posh in white while the other one was dress in jackets and jeans. it was a sex film and there was a scene where the second twin went to see the therapist as she had lesbian sex with her while I remember another scene where her sister had sex by the edge of the swimming pool, the twins both had red hair or brown or ginger, but I think it was red. So what is the name of this old sex film.
Sex film?... On channel 5?... Never!? Lol!
My friend and exgirlfriend had sex with a boy?
I know her from the internet, she is from canada and im mexican, we became best friends for almost two years but then she told me she would date an guy and i was alredy starting to fall in love for her.

She later told me she had almost 5 or 6 times sex with him even on a pool , the guy dumped her and told her i was an " bad influence " on her life but all i did was to wait for her because i wanted to date her and give her my love ( I even missed my prom party to wait for her on my house while she was on her own prom party , having sex with him ). She dated me like for one month faking it just to " fill the gap " and then left me for another guy who dumped her, and now she is going after another new guy again.

I love her but she only likes to play with my heart, i became bisexual for her but she tells me she doesnt like me, yet my biggest problem is that i got hurt forever and now i cant have sex withow thinking of her having relationships with him.

I dont wanna go to seek medical help but i dont even masturbate or think of sex anymore and im scared that will affect me. I still feel she could love me and i feel like an freak since all her ex boyfriends made fun of me because im "lesbian" even tought im the only one who havent left her even after suffering so much.

Is there something i could do? Im too confused on accepting that i alredy tried to date with two girls, maybe im scared of men because im a lil overweight and i dont fit men standards of beauty?
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha, if i am not mistaken, i believe, don't know about white dudes, hispanic boys like me like girls to be a bit there, you know, that is absourd about we all only like skinny girls, then again, that excuse is just a scapegoat of you lying to yourself and that your really a lesbian in denial.
10 points...Is my cousin's friend lesbian?
I know this girl,who is my cousin's neighbour.We met eachother this summer and we became friends.But she acted very weird with me:sometimes she was nice(she has given to me an ipod's cover),sometimes she was cold and she used to pull my leg.She used to criticize my look and me make-up(once she told me that I was wearing a too short skirt).At the swimming pool she told me that I have big boobies.She was always staring at me,even when she was talking to someone else.But also,her behaviour changes very quickly.When she used to see my cousin she usually asked him for me.And when I left the city(I was in holiday),she told my cousin:
"Is Jasmine still here?"
"No,she isn't"
"That's a true pity"she said(seeming truly sorried).
Young people of her town think that she is lesbian and when I told them that she was a friend of mine they said:"Do you have sex together?"
Men...is she really lesbian??Does she have a crush for me,maybe???Can you telling me how to recognize a lesbian,please??
Well, it kinda sounds like she may have a crush on you. All the actions that you described point to it. If you're uncomfortable with it, you might want to talk to her about it. If you are flattered and curious, again, you may want to talk to her about it.

Unless there are clear signs that a girl is a lesbian, you have to go by instinct. With me, I get a different feeling around a woman that is flirting with me - I just sense it. Most people can tell when a person is flirting or just being nice.
If you're a girl, have you ever had a strong urge to have sex with another woman?
I have been hangin with this girl I know more then usual. This weekend we were at the pool tanning and all I could think about was how damn sexy she looked in her bathing suit and how much more sexy she would look with out it on. I have always been a little curious about the same sex but never have I thought about it constantly on a daily basis. I really like this girl she's hot and funny and has a gorgeous smile but how would I pull somethin like this off without fu**ing up the friendship we already have or scaring her away. Any advice? Tell me your "first lesbian encounter".
i know that this is going to sound weird and kinda soap operaish but if you give her time she may have the same feelings for you i know that the girl that i was best friends with through out jr high and high school i was very attracted too and guess what she was too and that was four years ago and we are together now good luck honey but take things easy mention things that you notice like if she fixes her hair or make up different and it makes her look sexier tell her that
Is my best friend a lesbian or just wanted to "explore" and have fun one night?
so my parents went out of town for the week and my 17 year old sister was watching me. so one day my sister went to the mall and my best friend (riley) called me and asked if she could come over. i said yes ( by the way we are both girls age 12) well like 2 months ago me and riley were at school and this guy was like hey riley so do you want to go out? and riley doesnt like him and didnt want to make him feel bad so she goes im a lesbian and dating ( she says my name) so he goes ohh yeah prove it! so riley french kissed me and was like there you go!! so now its like a joke and we call each other lesbians all the time. so riley came over and we were watching tv and she says she needs to go to the bathroom. like 5 min. later she comes out with just her underwear on ( no bra, nothing!!) and sits facing me and is like hey girlfriend want to take a ride with me ( meaning like you wanna have sex but it was a joke) and i was like go put some clothes on sicko and we laughed about it. next we decideto go swimming in my pool. well i couldnt find my bathing suit so i put on a white tank top ( i had a leproad bra on) and some short shorts. well we are in the pool and she comes up behind me and starts humping me and is like are you enjoying this??( in a joking way too.) so its night time and we decided to put in mean girls in my bedroom. so we were laying down and riley asks me ' have you ever wanted to like make out with a girl, finger them, or just play with their boobs. and i said kind of but i never have. so she says, well can i finger you?? and i thought she was joking so i was like yeah but you got to let me rub your boobs. so i get up and put the movie in and then we lay down. and weve known each other since we were 6 so were were laying really close. then i feel riley's hand going into my pants and first she is just rubbing down their and then starts to finger me. and i asked her what the heck is she doing and she said that i said yes to fingering her. and i was like ok?? ( cuz i thought she was joking) and then she pulled her hand up and took her shirt off (she didnt have a bra on and neither did i) and she said well come on rub my bboobs, you said you wanted to. and i sat their just rubbing and massaging them. i really did not want to touch her chest but when i did it felt so gooood!! and then i i stoped and she took her shorts okk were she was butt-naked and sat on me and wraped her legs around my waist (right on my private spot) and started humping and took off my shorts and kissing me and almost got her tounge in my mouth but then i pushed her off and then we watched the movie. and the next day i woke up and she had her head on my boobs and her hand laying on my vagina. so i woke her up and she was like "wow". well she acted like it never happened. so do you think she is lesbian or just wanted to have fun that night?
Well she probably is a lesbian but 12 is to young to know
Sometimes I think I am but I'm not it's just hormones goin on
Soo just don't go to far with her mkayy haha hope I was help
I'm 12 too hehe

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