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What 2 races make the prettiest interracial babies or teens?
I think half black and half asian guys are the prettiest interracial babies.
half asian and half black

no joke

more like filipinos (little asian) and latinas

but every race has it's beauty
Fellow Teens: Are there interracial couples at your school?
I was just wondering how common it is in High Schools. I see it in ever day life, if there are couples like that at your school, which races?
Yes, tons. My school is the most diverse school in California. So, there's a ton. My best friend's parents are an interracial couple. Her mom's Filipino and her dad's black. I like that California has so many different kinds of couples. Whereas, where my mom is from(Georgia), race is still a huge issue. My cousin is black and white. She was harassed so much as a guy and is still bothered by people for being mixed.
Teens : How do you feel about interracial relationships?
My dad hates interracial relationships. I don't have a problem with them. I have liked people both in my race and out of my race. I just wanted to know what you thought about this. & have you ever dated somebody out of your race?
- Beth.
I've never dated somebody out of my race, but I have no problem with it. We all bleed the same colour, don't we?
Teens and adults, you believe in interracial relationships?
How often do you see people in interracial relationships, whether in school, or going somewhere, etc? Have you ever been in one, or known anyone who has?

I do, and I seen it everywhere. I've got my eye on interracial couples, giving me more opportunities to fit in the mix.
i am bi..well realli yup i believe in interracial relationships. My mother is African-American and Hispanic and my father is African-American and white, so like i said I am black,white and hispanic.

I have been in a interracial relationship before, and no it didnt last but meh and that person are still great friends and stuff.
Does interracial relationship work for teens?
i like a girl and as the question states, we're different race. i'm black and she is white. should i attempt go out with here or should i leave her alone
yes! i'm white and i would totally go out with a black guy. not saying that every girl is the same but you should definitely try it. [:
I have a question for teens and adults on interracial mixing.?
Do you find interracial relationships interesting, enjoyable, and exciting?

Do you think there would be an increase of an interracial 'community' in the next 20 years?

PS: I know I'm way too obsessed with this topic. Can you call me Mr. Habit?
i find them very interesting and would like to try it one day. I think there would be an increase of an interracial community in the next 20 years beacuse of immigration and people opening their eyes.
Teens: interracial couples, whats your take on it?
somebody brought it up in class and
it started a huge discussion, so i
want to know what some of you guys think
about it??
Love is colorblind.
Teens and adults, do you believe in interracial relationships?
Do you know anyone who's in one, like bm/ww relationships for example?

PS: Give the man (me) a break, he just has a lot of curiosity on this topic.
Skin is just skin, if you love the person it shouldn't matter. I currently am in an interracial relationship myself. I'm white my bf is black. I love him and hope to marry him someday.
What are some names of interracial books for teens?
i want good books that are good.
that are intriguing
naughts & crosses
its abt society if whites were opressed.. like b& w roles reversed
What do young people 18 and under think of interracial relationships?
What do you think of interracial relationships teens? Would you get involved? Would you have mixed guys with him/her?
There's no big deal. You're attracted to who you're attracted to. As long as they're a consenting adult human, anything is fine.

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