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What to do? I'm feeling quite randy. Nude beach, gay bar or sex club?
Serious answers only, hehehe =P
wait till the time the sex club gets busy then go there
Where are the GAY NUDE BEACHES ??? For Men?
The other day my friend took me to a nude beach for Lesbians. There was only one gay man there
and 33 women (lesbians) I think it was some kind of group or something. Obviously my friend took the wrong turn. He was told by a heterosexual acquintance that there is a GAY NUDE BEACH out hear in California for men, but he does not know where. Please respond as soon as possible we would like to go join our brothers in the sun, tomorrow or next weekend.
(rolling eyes at other answers) At most nude beaches there'l be an area "claimed" i guess to be for gays. I don't know for sure the specifics on criteria, just wander I suppose. The more fewer women you see, and the more friendly the guys are.. Am into nudism, and hetero, but have noticed the trend in certain areas. The advice came from a fellow who soon realized I was'nt interested. T'was advice on where NOT to go in my case, but may be helpful to you. Just be safe about it, there's nasty bugs at the beach.
I am going to hawaii and i always wanted to go to a completely nude beach can you help me?
Hi I am Going to hawaii sonn actuall Waikik and i want to go to swin and sunbath nude i am a male and str8 so no gay beaches. if you could just tell me where they are and do they speak english there.
Yes, English is spoken in Hawaii. You will also find a lot of Japanese and Pidgin though.

I believe there are one or two unofficial nude beaches on Maui, but in all frankness, any place you're going to find guys nude on a beach you're probably going to find some gay ones, too, so be braced.

Otherwise Hawaii generally doesn't have nude beaches, and you're kind of on your own to try and find something private and secluded if you want that (and that's not going to be in the Waikiki area). If that's a high priority, you'd be better off visiting someplace outside of Hawaii, generally speaking. And do keep in mind if you swim in the ocean nude, there are lots of things out there like transparent jellyfish, etc., not to mention fish that may think you're dangling something edible or that needs to be cleaned. Be a little careful.
Poll--------> Nude Beach: Yay, Nay or Gay?
Bonus Question: Have you ever been to a nude beach? How was the experience? =P

My friends and i were staying at a beach house and it was only about 2 days into our trip that we realised that there were so many naked people there coz it was a nude beach... !

If the people had been attractive, sure yay, but to the old wrinkly people and the guy wanking whilst reading - nay!
Are all nude beaches really "Gay" beaches. Or are some beaches for straights and bi's as well?
Just wondering because this one beach around were I live is not called Gay beach, but when you see who's there from afar, there are always only nude men there. No one ever mentions that there are no women when talking about the beach. It's just called "Nude Beach". So it got me wondering if women even go nude on beaches where it's for both men and women, since they may be too worried about they're safety to do it.
No... a nudist is a nudist, is a nudist.. They don't have to be gay to perambulate around in "the altogether" at the beach (s)... There are many married couples who are of this lifestyle choice..
Maybe some gays do patronize the locations, but so what...? These beaches aren't their private domain i the majority of cases.
Rachelle In High Heels
Private nude/gay beaches in Mykonos?
please list
yes u will find plenty of privacy @ EST -TIN VILLA MOU KATSE..
Is there any nude beaches NON-GAY close to Houston?
Need to do some 'personal' tanning, really don't care about looking or being looked at...
You have two options:

1) McFaddin Beach is about 1.5 hours east and south of Houston. Take I-10 east to the town of Winnie, Texas. Exit there and take State Hwy 124 south through the town of High Island. About a mile past High Island, the highway makes a 90 degree turn to the right and heads toward Galveston via the Bolivar/Galveston Ferry. You'll see that the highway actually continues to your left as well but there are signs there that say "Road Closed." Just ignore these signs and drive past them. The roadway is fine for a mile or two before petering out into the sand (this is a section of Hwy 87 that used to parallel the coast but washed out in a hurricane back in the 80s and the state never rebuilt it, though sections remain intact here and there). Anyway, find a convenient place to transfer over to the hard-packed sand of the beach and drive well past the sign indicating that you've entered Chambers County and the one that follows shortly thereafter indicating that you've entered Jefferson County. After a mile or three, you should start noticing the nude people. Feel free to sprawl out naked as a jay bird here. One word of caution, this is not a legally sanctioned nude beach SO, always keep an eye towards both ends of the beach for sheriff's deputies. If caught, you could theoretically be arrested or ticketed but more often they just give out verbal warnings. Have a towel handy to cover up in case they do drive by and they'll leave you alone. One other thing, the farther along you go, the more likely you are to come upon gay sections. They won't bite so no reason to avoid them, but just be advised (I only mention it because you did). BTW, the water here isn't the cleanest (it's murky mainly from sediment washed into the sea from rivers but it isn't really very polluted) nor is the beach, but it IS the closest nude beach to Houston for certain.

2) Hippie Hollow in Austin. It's about 3 hours from Houston to Austin and about another 30 minutes west to Hippie Hollow. From Houston, take I-10 west to just past the town of Columbus. Turn right onto Hwy 71 west and follow it into Austin. About 1 or 2 miles past I-35 in Austin you'll see that the road forks. Hwy 71 continues on the left fork and the right fork becomes Hwy 360, also known as Capital of Texas Hwy. Take 360. Continue on 360 (it's a beautiful drive by the way) until you've crossed over the Pennybacker Bridge. It's a big wrought iron suspension bridge over Lake Austin and you can't miss it. Right after the bridge, take the first exit and turn left. This is RR 2222 (RR stands for Ranch Road). Take 2222 through the hills until you get to Hwy 620. Turn left on 620 and then take the first real road (not a driveway but an actual road) heading to the right. This is Comanche Trail. Follow the signs on Comanche Trail until you see the signs for Hippie Hollow. It's impossible to miss. Hippie Hollow is Texas' ONLY legal nude beach. I use the turn "beach" loosely because there's no ACTUAL beach (no sand anyway). There are, however, thousands of giant flat rocks to lie on. It's very beautiful. There are nature trails and the water is very clean and clear. Nudity is legal throughout (except in the parking lot). The cost per car, last time I was there (it was about a year ago I guess) was $10, but it could've gone up since then.

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