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Question about forced masturbation?
I guess I am a porn addict but anyway, sometimes after the first orgasm even when my penis isnt able to get a full hardon i still continue to jerk it until it orgasms again...I'm starting to wonder if this is a bad thing?
NO. What you are experiencing is not rare. Relax
Male Masturbation: "forced" orgasms?
I think I have a problem. Male, 40. I have spent most of my life masturbating unconventionally (masturbating face down on a flat mattress). Masturbating with my hand has never been fantastic due to this, and I have typically employed rough handling and almost always required a very firm grip. I almost always struggle with masturbating by hand, whereas my bed masturbation rarely failed to easily produce an orgasm. In the last few weeks, however, I have been working on improving this, by attempting to retrain my penis to enjoy a much-lighter amount of pressure, completely giving up "the bed" to orgasm with, and trying as much as possible to relax and avoid "abusing" or putting pressure on my penis and other genital structures. The sensations are downright incredible compared to whatever I was doing "wrong" before, both using a mattress and whatever hand-masturbation techniques I was using. And while I have approached this level of sensation before, it is literally just in the last weeks that I have worked specifically to try to resolve this lifelong problem of not enjoying as much as I should, and having trouble orgasming with, anything but rubbing myself on my bed. I do know what a "good" one feels like, as I have gotten "lucky" at times pleasuring myself, plus fellatio gives me a breathtaking orgasm (intercourse is trouble for me just as hand masturbation).

My problem: I feel like even now, over these last few weeks, that when I allow myself to feel better and better by staying relaxed, things get to feel very, very good, pretty much consistently. However, as "tortured" as I get, I don't yet feel like an orgasm is just going to come my way. Therefore, I seem to do 2 things that seem to be bad, even though I appear to be discovering, at 40, I can reach consistenly new and somewhat strange heights of arousal and sensitivity:

1) I tend to tense a good portion of my body up to consciously "make" the orgasm happen, resulting in a good wave of pleasure, pulses, and satisfaction/satiation but rarely what I would call a great, knock-out climax. Please be clear: I do this *before* an orgasm can take over, it is me consciously trying to force myself to have an orgasm.

2) I figured out years and years ago, as a teen/young adult, that when I am anticipating an orgasm (if I were to guess, maybe 1-3 minutes before a normal guy might reach orgasm naturally), I have this uncontrollable urge to slow my strokes down to every 1-2 seconds, stopping and holding on to the top third of my penis, head, and getting some orgasm-like pulses out of my penis. I strongly feel now, after a lot of reflection, that I am taking whatever buildup I have achieved, and gone ahead trained myself to get some dry contractions out of it. With significant effort in the next minute or so, I do also get an orgasm of sorts + a healthy ejaculation. But it's not even remotely what I feel like is coming now that I am "better" about relaxing...for a while until I mess things up by doing 1 or 2.

On the other hand, it does feel like my body has been at least partially fooled by this thing I do, as my penis gets numb, my desire to continue takes a hit, and if I am not right on top of things, I will either not be able to orgasm, or just orgasm with a partially-flaccid penis.

Are 1 and 2 bad? Is this what I am doing wrong?

Is it accurate to say that a male orgasm should kind of overcome/wash over the guy? Not the guy "making" it happen, other than, obviously, stimulation of the penis and other caressing of his choice?

Any help or suggestions?
Every persons body is different so you need to find your way thorough what your saying and doing.
You've printed so many scenarios that it's difficult to even figure out what your concern really is.

Your previous efforts to rush and get it over with have caused you tense and force the experience quickly. Your best bet is to relax and let it overcome you instead of struggling to bring it on.
Much of the pleasure in orgasm is from it being an automatic response instead of a forced experience.
The natural build and the spilling over into orgasm is the best experience.

If you lose feeling it sounds like your circumcised and have put too much rough and physical friction on your penis head to where it becomes numbed or desensitized. Start giving your gear a break and use lubes or an oil to make less physical wear.

Single guys who masturbate with the idea of getting it over quickly and right to orgasm through rushing or forcing it make the mistake of training their body to nut soon as possible.
When you marry and have a Lady Lover, that's just what you DON'T WANT YOUR BODY TO DO so don't train it that way.

Hope that helps some

Me! :- )
Does masturbation force sperm out of the vagina?
my husband and i are trying to conceive. does masturbation force sperm out of the vagina 1 day after intercourse. i've read that you should take a 1 or 2 day break when trying to conceive and I thought maybe the contractions during orgasm while masturbating on the in between days might hurt my chances.
well, not if you do it too long afterwards, because they'd have probably gotten far enough in so it wouldnt matter if you did
How to repair penis after over masturbation ?
Been jerkin it a lot lately even forced it out when soft...lately I've gone from 6in hard to 5 also . I just can't get fully hard again are there any ways to repair this damage?? It's really got me down :(
No damage just exhausted it, try taking a couple of days off.
Male Masturbation: For maximum jet-stream ejaculation effect need proper health ?
I was wondering , that sometimes , well if you're screwed up , many times you don't have proper orgasm or not as good as , and so is the ejaculation. So im 19 of age , and live quite , well not so healthy but it's improving , I do however fitness and train but I didn't necessarily obey all rules (alcohol, fast food, lack of sleep) ; but this is becoming old, so i want to improve health not just for good lifestyle but also for orgasm.

Is there any connection how much you drink water , cause , when i started fitness and treking like 3 years ago , i was VAST improvment of health and mind, and i started to drink a lot of water, not overdrinking but still making sure you pee more white than yellow.

Have heard , that alcohol has really bombarding effect , so that session is done for.

And another thing, I think more masturbation desire,effect,and results would came if you wait more , like a week would be enough. And in that time you have to think other things, friends , girls, party, fun, games(not computer games), going to gym , body training, more intense the training better results, that are the first circumstances i think, just don't sit all day then you get to think about masturbation too often , and if you don't exercise on top of that , you think it about even more , since body needs something to do , those orgasms are often , short , really under the standards and are just bad.

So my question is if there are some special masturbation techniques or rules to achieve the maximum semen ejaculation so you long-projectile stripes shoots like crazy instad of short little bursts which just make a mess in your hands and aren't as pleasurable; or it's more dependent on what you eat, sleep , no alc , good training , drinking natural pipe water .. etc. I need other advices , but i think it's the readyness and fitness probably is the big contributor.

Body training like running has really good effect, a lot of times it boosted , but I always fail to meet all the rules , every time something's wrong , or im sleepy , or im not in the mood , or im half empty , or i missed something. so actually this long shot jet-stream-shape like ejaculation happens rarely. Artillery not sissy droplings!

Oh yes another thing, when do you know your max full ? , the longer you charge (wait time) the more there will be but is there a limit , or will you experience automatic ejaculation if you FORCE your self to skip masturbating for like a month?(never tried it , and no , i did not had wet dreams)

When i forced myself sometimes, to wait longer, i experienced some pre-ejaculation , and sometimes quite a load of it (NOT PREMATURE) ; like it was over the top and some of it wanted to go out before but it did go when i was close to orgasm but still not full , i think it has to do with porn, since if you watch porn you get hyped all up so fast you don't have time for orgasm-charging , and the pre-ejaculation is the fast burst and then the orgasm comes a lot faster if you don't stop before/regulate, this is a nice way to achieve some ejaculation before orgasm which is sometimes kind of cool (you guess this one your self) ; but it is not the way to achieve perfect orgasm IMO.
To do that i think you must stay away from porn , and only think about it , but still don't think too much so you can charge it for more than 15 minutes that's when i think the load will be larger;;; but another problem here, how do i make pre-ejaculate when not watching porn , i found that quite difficult , since you don't get the sudden burst of activity, but when you get it you get full blow and there's no stopping that. It would be cool to have pre-ejaculate AND the better orgasm.

There is a problem though, I've noticed , even if you have criteria ( not sure) , and you charged for 20 mins or more , you can get a good orgasm and loads of ejaculation , but i noticed if you thrust it with your hands too fast , then it's going to be a lame version, it's kind of short cut of jet's and it's more like a spray.

Another thing , density , sometimes it is too waterly, i like to drink a lot water , but what about to have it more oily , do i have to drink less water forcefully , or is there a alternate tehnique.(GF doesn't like that it dripps down so quickly, making more mess)

Would it be the best orgasm and ejaculation ever if you wait just days until you can't take it anymore or it's 1 week enough and more than 1 week won't matter much?

The question remains, i still don't know all the details to the ultimate guide ho
You only need to wait about 3 days to have a full load.

If you want to shoot more you are doing the right thing to have a 15 or 20 minute buildup.

Also you can try masturbating about 3 or 4 hrs before you want the big load get close to orgasm but stop before you get there.

Also, get close to ejaculating a few times but stop or slow down a lot until that peak diminishes, then continue.

Also, you always shoot more if you are standing up
Religious people: Why do you teach your guyren that masturbation is wrong?
In America around the turn-of-the-century, some religious adults were so against masturbation that they forced their daughters to wear gloves made of a steel-wool-like material (like Brillo pads) at night and to put a powder on their genitals that made them painful to touch. They made their sons wear metal chastity belts at night that made it painful to have an erection. During the 1820s, some parents prevented male masturbation by piecing the foreskin with a wire and soldering the ends together. Boys and girls were discouraged from masturbation by the threat of blindness, madness and illness.

Why does this nonsense (to a lesser degree) continue?

Do YOU masturbate?
I went to a church with my religious dad once and the preacher said that masturbation within a marriage is the exact same thing as cheating... what?
The christian religion does indeed teach that masturbation is immoral, and while I'm sure the use of preventative tools and devices was uncommon, the threats of blindness and madness were often taught to discourage self-exploration. Thankfully, we can now look back at laugh at these ridiculous claims.
Sex and masturbation is taking over my life to the effect its affecting my faith with God?
I alternate going towards God and behaving as I should then forces such as above drag me to unwholesomeness and gay sites and groups. I join and then after 1 or 2 days I purge them and act as I should and then the cycle repeats itself. I know I have a weakness. Is there any way I can be totally free from temptation, live as I should for ever and be assured of an eternity with God.. or will I ever struggle with this
I think you are confused. No relationship between sex , masturbation and God. If you are worried about your gay tendencies , you should consult a counselor.
Painful muscle spasms in calf during masturbation?
I'm a female, and whenever I'm just about to climax when I masturbate, I get these overwhelming muscle spasms in my right calf. They're so uncomfortable it forces me to stop and I don't achieve my orgasm. Why is this?
I used to get thoes, it├Ęs usaully because you are flexing your calf really hard for too long, try a diff position. or letting your legs relax :)
What`s the worst song you were forced to hear....over the New Year? Several. For some reason certain people seem to be of the opinion that if a music video has a bit of leotard action in it then it MUST be a good tune....*sigh*....i fail to see the link between masturbation and artisitic musical endeavour.Still.......Princess superstar may be the exception there....
they were all GREAT. at least i thought they were at the time.

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