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Brazillian Bikini...?
I use hair removal cream just now tho i dont find it effective. How long will i need to let the hairs grow before i get a brazillian wax? Thanks
i would say about two weeks or so...
Will my brazillian bikini wax eventually stop my hair growth?
I have been buying the sally hanson's brazillian bikini wax kit for the past couple months, i wax my bikini area once every couple weeks, so i've done it about 4 times now. Will the hair eventually stop growing? How long will this take?
There may be some spots that may take longer to grow than other spots, however your hair will always always grow, but it will get thinner everytime you wax. It will also take longer to grow each time you wax. Waxing is not a permanent means of hair removal. But there may be some spots that won't grow back if the the dermal papillae is destroyed completely.
What is the best bikini / Brazillian at home waxing kit?
What is the best bikini / Brazillian at home waxing kit?
to be honest.. i wouldnt reccommend doing it yourself at home. but nair is good. you can get the waxing kits for different parts of your body from argos...…

or just go to a salon
Is it hard to give yourself a brazillian bikini wax?
I have never gotten a bikini wax, and the only reason I want to do it myself is because it costs a lot less.

I heard the poetic bliss waxing kit is good, has anyone tried it?

dint even try it
Where can I get a FULL Brazillian bikini wax?
Im looking for a salon or (mobile) beautician in the Ilford or Enfiled areas that will do a FULL brazillian without it being too expensive.
All the places I have been to dont do right round the back & I cant afford to get it done regularly in Central London.
If you know somewhere (or you do it yourself) please can you let me know, with contact details if possible.
Do you want my phone number i'll do it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whats the difference between brazillian/bikini? What do most girls prefer.?
I would love to home wax as i have 40 veet strips in my house but scared when it comes to pulling them of and its mainly for my bikini parts!! Please help any tips grateful? thanks x
bikini wax = all the hair outside of panty line
brazilian = EVERYTHING

you can also do designs.

don't do it yourself!
i do it for a living and have heard all kinds of HORROR stories.

just so you know - a tub full of hot water makes things worse.

it's too dificult to hold and pull at the same time on yourself.
Can I do a brazillian bikini wax with nair strips?
I know it says don't use in vaginal area, but wouldn't that be considered "bikini area"? I'm not putting the strip over that part, just all around it?
no, the reason is the nair product can not touch your private area, you can use it every where but near there, the reason is that skin is too sensitive
What is the brazillian bikini sizing in Australia?
i wanted to start brazilian bikini business with my own design and i don't know what sizing that i can show to my tailor. for example what is the size 10 in australia and how wide are they and how much they can stretch?
i need to find out the full detail of the sizing that i can tell my supplier what is the size i wanted and how he can make it for me.
thank you very much
please for the love of god do not make a size ten brazilian bikini
How can I best prepare for my first brazillian bikini wax and what can I expect?
What all is waxed? How long does it last? Will I get ingrown hairs? Haw long should my hair be? What can I do for the pain part?
I don't think you can ever really be prepared, but it is just like any waxing - don't go before you are having your period, take some aleve before you go, make sure you have on loose clothing, it lasts as long as any waxing, your hair shouldn't be a bush, most of your hair is waxed, you will wear a thong-type thing to give you some sort of modesty (if you can call it that.)
How long after a brazillian/bikini wax does the pain/stinging last?
I've never gotten one done before. I'm looking forward to it but I'm kinda nervous about it at the same time. I'm just interested in what needs to be done to prepare for something like this, as well as what to expect for afterwards.
A little trick - if you go right after you are done with your period it is less painful. I am not sure how it works but it does.
Also take couple of Ibuprofens about 45 minutes prior waxing.
It is a little bit painful during the process and swollen few hours after but it is totally worth it and last for weeks!

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