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How is it that in the film "From Russia With Love" all the Russian men have thick Stalinesque moustaches...
... and the women are beautiful yet nowadays the opposite is the case ....AND ...

Can Leeds United give Ken Bates back to Chelsea and have Roman Abramovich instead and can he bring Jose Mourinho with him too (I'll put him up while he finds his feet up here) -…
LOL Joan my other half is watching that, and said this was when women were real women, I saw the one in the white bikini with chunky legs! You wouldnt get that nowadays would you. BTW she was rubbing sun oil on her hubby. I make him do it himself! LOL
I watched an animated film/short as a guy (possibly Russian); do you know what it was?
Way back in the '80s, a neighbor gave me a VHS of random TV recordings. On it, sandwiched between episodes of She-Ra and The Smurfs, was another mystery film that I can't seem to forget. I remember two things vividly: 1) A woman in a beautiful dress takes her ring off and rolls it down a barren hill, which causes flowers bloom in its wake, and 2) the scene of a town built on the back of a whale. I'm not sure if the two are from the same film or not, but ANY information on either would be greatly appreciated.
Could be this film:
2. On youtube…
3. Episode with the whale:…
Confused about husband's behavior. Is he looking to cheat? (Long)?
My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years. He is 32 and I am 23, he is Middle Eastern and I am American. There are several issues in our marriage. The first problem that came up was early in our marriage. He was emailing and chatting with a woman he knew from back home, I was suspicious about it and I found that they were writing very inappropriate things to each other (she is married also). I confronted him about it and he said that she was his ex-girlfriend and in the end I was the one feeling bad about spying on him, I feel it is wrong but had no other way to find out what was going on. Then a little later, I found him on yahoo chat rooms asking women what they look like and if they have cameras. I was mad, but let it go since several times we had gone to the chat rooms together and played around. Other small things happened during this time that I don't think mean much, such as he went to Washington DC (we were living in Northern Virginia) to visit a girl he had taken a class with before she went back home to Germany, but he told me he didn't get to see her before she left. Another thing that was somewhat big in the beginning was his interest in pornography. It made me feel bad at first, but now I see it just as a kind of entertainment when he was bored, except he always went to the Russian sites, he thinks Russian women are very beautiful. Skip forward to last year. In April of 2005, he went home to visit his family. During this trip, I found out that he didn't tell his family that he was married. When he got home, we had a long discussion and said he couldn't tell them because the tradition there would make his family outcasts because he married outside the religion (they are Druze). I still don't understand it, but I respect his wishes of trying to keep his family happy, but telling them wouldn't be telling the whole world, but he doesn't see it that way. Now comes the most recent and the hardest for me to get over. In July, my husband and two of his male friends go on vacation. First, they went to for a few days and then went to the Grand Canyon (we now live in ). He told me they had fun, but when they got back, he and his friends were fighting. He said it was because they didn't help with the financial aspects of the trip (they are both doctors and he is in film school). Until last month, I just accepted this. But then I started going through the cell phone bills and found a lot of text messages from a number in flagstaff . I checked his cell phone one night and I was appalled by what I found. The worst one was one he wrote to her that said, "I wished to sleep with you but gave up on it" along with other things such as how beautiful she is (she's Russian). Then I broke into one of his email accounts that had a different password. All of his other passwords include my name, but the password of this account is her name! I found the emails they wrote to one another and found that he met her in the Grand Canyon and took her and two of her female friends to . As is turns out he was mad at his friends because they weren't interested in her friends and left, then made my husband leave the girls in Vegas so they could come back to for their flights back home. All communication between them stopped August 30, or so I thought. A few weeks ago, he received a text message from her saying that she was in and then in , (he goes to school in , close to ) but she was leaving. He wrote her back when he went back to school asking if she was still around. Before that message, I confronted him and we had a huge fight. He said nothing happened, but didn't tell me he took her to but made me think he met her there, until I told him I knew. I tried to ask him why he would do it, but he just said it was none of my business and that I couldn't treat him like a guy. The way he was talking led me to think that he thinks he can do whatever he wants with whomever he wants as long as he's not having sex. I tried to explain to him that it's ok for him to have female friends, but when he keeps it a secret and refuses to say anything about it, it is a betrayal. I am having a really hard time with this and don't know what to do. I have the girl's (she's only 21) email address and phone number and I have been considering either emailing or calling her to ask her side of the story or see if he told her he was single or married. I am also considering calling his friends that went with him on the trip to see what they will say. If you have any ideas about what I could do, I would appreciate it greatly.
I actually read your entire question. WOW my eyeballs hurt. Your husband sounds like a pig. What in the world was he thinking to go on a trip with other women. Yes you should confront that woman and you should call his friends. Put him in a corner so that he has to tell you the truth. Your culture issues are a big problem in this relationship! Sounds like you've got a decision to make as far as what you will do about his infidelity because YES he is cheating on you and every time you turn a blind eye to it you give him the green light to do it again and again. It sounds like you could use an outsider to talk to, hit me up on messenger if you want.
Do like Foreign Movies?
which of these movies is your favorite, I watched them all and they are great films.

Italian - Cinema Paradiso, Malena, Life is Beautiful, Two Women.
French - Amelie, Les Choiristes, Kieslowski's Red, White and Blue, Monsieur Ibrahim.
Spanish - Belle Epoque, Jamon Jamon, Fanfan La Tulipe.
German - Jus & Zo, Mostly Martha.
Russian - Kolya.
Chinese - Not One Less, Bubbling Spirits
Japanese - Ringu, Spirited Away
Amelie is my favorite movie period.

I love French films and especially Audrey Tautou.
Happenstance, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
oh and of course the movie Auvoir Les Enfants. That last one just broke my heart!

Thanks for the suggestions.
My big ? greek wedding movie {answers only from reliable members}thanks?
i am extremely offended with the specific movie.1)why calling all the family members with the name nick?ok it is very popular greek name but c mon...are all the women in usa named jessica?and the father's name was gas?{it wasn't random for hollywood to do this,unfortunately i got the meaning behind this naming...eww...this propaganda...}2)the woman protagonist was an outcast in school and others make fun of her.also she wasn't pretty as the most greek women are in reality{sorry for not calling her beautiful,ok she seemed allthough sweet and had good sense of humor}she wasn't so slim either{is it random for hollywood to select this body type?}3)when the aunt asked the groom Ian why eating no wasn't random also for the movie makers to put the specifil line in the script...greeks don't eat so much often meat generally,the percentage of regulars who consume meat in greece is the same like so many other countries and smaller than some{usa,germany}personally i never eat lamb like many others greeks,also the greatest percentage of people in greece aren't used to eat lamb often too.)and what about that thing about the aunt and her wasn't random to add that line also in the movie.)also it would not be so big issue for a greek to marry a foreigner nowadays in reality unlikely it was shown in the film,want to mention that the greeks living outside greece are more traditional,ok who would not prefer at some or much more point for his/her guy to marry a person that shares the same nationality & origin either he is italian,spanish,portuguese,israelian,ger… or other.i forgot to mention that also many of the toulas relatives weren't great looking with at least one exceptio,her brother..{yumie}don't want to brag about it but the greeks[women & men] are among to the most beautiful people worldwide and its a fact.* i understand that its only a comedy movie and the movie makers tend to always exaggerate to the great fullest at this type of films but many ridiculous facts about greek people in the movie are untrue,offensive and science fictional.only that they put the word ''fat'' in the title its enough to offend{please the percentage of fat people in countries like usa germany and so others is more than in greece}why so much propaganda in the specific movie flick?[ok i laughed at some scenes allthough that they weren't offensive]
Such a huge text! Well, that movie was kinda fun. Sorry you got offended. But first you should watch some movie (wish I still remembered the name) but you might have watched, where the protagonist falls in love with his maid - who's a Portuguese; Portuguese women are maids, sure - and then her entire family are like crazy pigs, somehow gipsy related, who always yell instead of speaking, kiss each other in the mouth, etc. You know, it's more or less the same as when they all spend their time dancing a sort of samba and speaking Spanish in Brazil. And I've just read an interesting book by author Linda Davies (well, not a masterpiece but still nice entertainment with a few style mistakes) where she speaks of Brazilian names and they're really all of Spanish origin. All it clearly shows is that these script writers and minor authors are too ignorant, too silly and too lazy to do some easy research. But quite frankly I don't care, it's their problem really.
Give a nice comment if u liked it and I will give u 10 Points.START ANSWERING.?
A Very Funny beautiful girl was a college student.

Once Very Funny Girl comes late to class.

Teacher: Why are you late?

Very Funny Girl : One boy was following me, sir.

Teacher: So, What?

Very Funny Girl : That boy was walking very slow

Why do india have postmens not postwomens ?

Wife: (standing in front of mirror) I am fat, old, wrinkled and no longer pretty. Will you still give me a romantic compliment?

Funny Husband: Your eyesight is still excellent !

During romance, a new Russian wife talks to her husband.

Wife: Our new neighbor always kisses his wife when he goes to work, why don't you do that?

Husband: How can I? I don't even know her.

Haryanvi Tau: You cheated me. You sold me useless radio.

Shopkeeper: No, I sold a good radio to you.

Haryanvi Tau: Radio label shows "Made in Japan" but radio says: This is all India Radio.

First Sardar Ji: What are the fastest means of communication ?

Second Sardar Ji: Telephone, Television, Tell-a-woman

Need still FASTER - Tell her NOT to tell ANY ONE.

* * *

Sardar Ji's Wife: You tell a man something, it goes in one ear & comes out of the other.

Sardar Ji: You tell a woman something, it goes in both ears & comes out of the mouth.

A Gujarati decides to study English. He learns an essay 'FRIEND', but in the exam an essay on 'FATHER' comes.

He replaced friend with father in the essay. It read:

I am a very fatherly person, I have many fathers. Some of my fathers are male and some are female. I have a new neighbor, I wish to make him my new father.

Judge: Tum apni limit cross kar rahe ho.
Lawyer: Kaun saala aisa kehta he?
Judge: Tum ne muje sala bola?
Lawyer: Nahi My Lord, I asked KAUN-SA-LAW aisa kehta he?

Mayawati apne friend Lalu ke ghar GOAT le ke jati hai..

Lalu: E Bhaiswa ko kyun Layi ho ?

Mayawati: Dikhta nahi, Goatwa hai

Funny Lalu: Hum Goatwa se hi Puch raha Hun..!!

Q Who was the first Indian woman to fly abroad.
A Sita went to Lanka.

* * *

Q What does a kangaroo say when he finds her guy missing?

A Aaila!! kisi ne mera pocket mar liya.

* * *

Q What would you call a girl who never laughs?

A Hasina

Bill Gates: In our country, people get married with email.

Funniest Laloo Yadav: That's strange, in our country people get married with female only.

Funny Sardar broke an egg to make an omelet. Egg was empty.

Funny Sardar: Wow ! hens also do abortion !!

Lalu Prasad Yadav ka funny beta 1000 Watt ke bulb par Lalu Yadav ka naam likh raha tha.

Lalu Yadav: Bitwa, e ka kart ho?

Funny Beta: Aapka naam roshan kar raha hoon.

Santa horse par ja raha tha.

Voh red light jump karta hai.

Police vala siti bajata hai.

Funny Santa ghode ki tail opar kar ke kehata hai: Le karle number note.

Laloo dials a number. A girl receives the call.

Funny Laloo: Who r u?
Funny Laloo: Maine Patna phone kiya tha, yeh to Ayodhya mil gaya

Funny Laloo ji 18 guards ko le kar film dekhne jate hain. Pucho to kiyun?

Because below 18 was not allowed.

Watch aur Wife me kya farak hota hai?

Funny Laloo: Watch bigadti hai to bandh ho jati hai. Wifei bigadati hai to shuru ho jati hai.


Ik bar Laloo ji sykil chala rahe the, ke achanak sykil Ik girl se takra gayi Girl shouted: Sala ghanti nahi maar sakta tha!

Funny Laloo: Behanji, poori sykil to maar di, ab ghanti alag se maroon ?

Ik Young Beautiful Girl ne ik Rich old-man se shaadi kar ki.

Interviewer asks Cute Girl: Apne inme shaadi k liye kya dekha?

Cute Girl: Ik to inki income aur doosre inke Din-kam.

Saas: Bhagwan ne tumhe 2 aankhe di. Chawal me se 2-4 pathar nahi nikal sakti.

Bahu: Bhagwan ne tumhe 32 daant diye 2-4 pathar nahi chaba sakti kya.

Husband Wife ja rhe the. Raste main Gadha (***) Mila.

Wife: Tumhare Ristedar hai, Namaste to karo.

Funny Husband: Namaste SASURJI

Patient to Nurse: I Love You.
Tumne Mera Dil Chura Liya hai!

Nurse: Chal hat jhute, humne to teri guyney churai Hai !!

Santa: Yaar Ye Autometacily Kya Hota Hai

Banta: Simple Yaar, Jab Koi Ganji Aurat Auto Me Baith K Jaye to Use bolte hai "Auto-Me-Takli"

Girlfriend to Boyfriend: Mera ladla, mera pyara, mera chhona, mera gugla. Muj se shadi karoge? Bolo baby, bolo na !

Funny Boyfriend: Tum mujhe propose kar rahi ho ya adopt ?

Doctor: Aap ka aur aapki wife ka blood group ek hi hai?

Funny Husband: Hoga, Jarur hoga; 25 saal sey mera khoon jo pee rahi hai....
toooooooooooooo good . nice jokes specially the last ones.Can you tell me from did you got these jokes.So I can read without any limit. WANT ANY MORE NICE COMPLIMENT????????
Identify this 90s (Eastern?) European alternative movie?
I saw this movie in 1998 on TV. It didn't have much dialogue and I don't remember what country it was from or what language it was in. It was set in an an established European city - my hunch is Eastern German, Czech, Russian, or Hungarian, although it could also have been Italian or even Dutch.

The central character was a man who had a very boring job in an office - in one scene he was sharpening a lot of pencils. He lives with his mother / an older woman in a small apartment which faces a courtyard shared with a lot of other apartments / buildings.

One day he 'snaps', presumably because of boredom and dissatisfaction with his life, and causes mayhem at his job including barking like a dog.

He goes back to the apartment and smashes down all the internal walls with a sledgehammer, and then smashes down the walls which face toward the courtyard so he now has something like a 'cave' in the building. The door is blocked and instead he accesses the apartment via a ladder from the courtyard. A beautiful neighbour who he is infatuated with is with him in the cave; I don't remember it is was by choice or he guynapped her. They revert to caveman like behaviour: they are naked, grunt instead of talking, and throw things out of their cave towards the courtyard.

Eventually after a number of days the police arrive, throwing tear gas into the cave. At the end of the movie I believe the police attack and shoot the man.

Throughout the movie the man speaks very little if at all. There is grunting. There may not be any speech at all but I'm not sure.

The theme of the film is something of dissatisfaction with the commercial job-oriented lifestyle. I would guess that the film was made in the mid 90s. Anyone recognise this?
Hey man where did you get my home video from - I've been looking for that!

No I've never heard of this, and I've seen a lot of foreign movies. It sounds kinda cool. Hopefully somebody knows the answer.
Which monologue can you see me acting out in? pictures?
Which comedic monologue can you see me doing for my acting class?
there are three comdeic monologues, and I also have my pictures, I'm on the right in both, so you can picture which would fit me better.


Galaxy Video
Marc Morales

Angry Employee:
I met you for a short time five days ago when I came into work. It was my first day. I was in the Folk Song Musical section fixing tapes when I noticed four tapes that were in the wrong place. Fort Apache, the Bronx, Empire Records, War Games, and The Way We Were. Are any of those films folk song musicals? I don’t think so. Then this woman comes over to me and asks if we had that movie that had that guy in it who was in that movie with the girl who was in that movie with that guy. At that moment I decided that I hated people. So I turned myself inward to search for an answer for what to do. I can do stuff like that: I take yoga. Quit. That was the answer. Quit. So I quit. To myself, and I walked out. I went to my therapist Doctor Kubrick, and I asked him why? Why do I hate people? He replied, “Because you hate yourself.” Wow. I do hate myself. But why? Why do I hate myself? I turned myself inward once again to find the answer. My art, I have been neglecting my art. I am an artist. I draw little stick people. I draw them well. But I’ve been neglecting them lately because of my yoga, and work. I love drawing those little stick people. You should always make time for those things that you love to do. I am better now. May I have my job back?

The Altruist
Nick Silver
Ethan, I’ve had it! I can take no more. Do you hear me? You can pretend to be asleep. I don’t care. Pretend you don’t hear me. Your whole life is nothing but pretenses anyway, all of you causes! I AM NOT HAPPY! How could I be? Am I supposed to enjoy you condescension? Should I love you humiliating me in front of all your friends? I hate you friends. Cretins. Blowhards and cretins! You’re nothing but a bunch of phonies! How do you think I feel when I’m introduced as “just” an actress? As if what I did for a living didn’t bring joy into the world! As if what I do for a living doesn’t make this life more bearable for the disenfranchised you pretend to care about! There is dignity! Profound dignity in my life, in my work! But you choose to sneer at it. PEOPLE LOVE SOAP OPERAS! I get mail by the bushel, letters by the trillion! I have fans! I have followers! All over this country people are worried about Montana Beach! Will she leave Brock for Brick? Will she kick her ugly habit? Will she find her mother, true love, or the meaning of life?! People care about me! Who cares about you?! I ask you. Who cares about you! Not I! Not I, Ethan!

Fed Up not being Fed
Look... I really don't give a damn. Chinese is fine. Italian is fine. german is fine. russian is fine. mexican is sensational. sushi is wonderful. at this point, i don't give a ****. even a greasy hamburger would be beautiful. a double bacon cheeseburger, bloody, rare on a soggy-bun--even this will do. even though i never eat meat, haven't put meat in my mouth for over four years, although i'm very strict in this ddepartment, even though the very thought of meat gives me diarrhea, i don't care i'm so godamned hungry i'm ready to eat the knobs off your car radio. We've been driving for over 2 hours. it's approaching 10 o'clock. and i think it's about time you made upi your mind where we're going to eat. we got in the japanese place, you didn't like the look of the waitress--- dirty fingernails. so we get up and leave. then we walk out of roma italiano because the seated us too close to the kitchen. Jesus, right now i wish we were IN the kitchen. then we drive all the way to Chez Monmartre. And here you really flip because the guy at the table said there was fur in his rabbit. This is ridiculous. besides you didnt have to order rabbit, you could have ordered french fries. you cant go wrong with french fries in a french restaurant. and french fries are totally furless. then we drag all the way to roma italiano where you get into a thing with the maitre d' because theres an hour wait. what the hell you expect, godamnit? if we stayed put the first time, we be full of wine and pasta and belching on our way to a movie instead of driving around in circles with our bellies kissing our spines. Hey! Stop! Stop the car! Pull over! There's a McDonalds!

The Altruist or Angry Employee but now that I think about it the angry employee suits you best! good luck lol
How is it that in the film "From Russia With Love" all the Russian men have thick Stalinesque moustaches...
... and the women are beautiful yet nowadays the opposite is the case ....AND ...

Can Leeds United give Ken Bates back to Chelsea and have Roman Abramovich instead and can he bring Jose Mourinho with him too (I'll put him up while he finds his feet up here) -…
As it is a Bond film there would have to be glamourous women for Bond to fall for and the Russian men would first have to fit a sterotypical idea of a Russian man, the film was made during the cold war and the Stalinesque appearence would make it obvious that they were Russians. Finally, the film director wouldn't want Bond to be outshone - no doubt the fact that a Russian babe falls straight into Bond's bed is made more believable if she only had Stalinesque blokes to choose from!
Can't answer the football bit though, sorry!

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